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The Art of Self-Healing

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I love this painting! It’s truly beautiful. 💜  And it helps me feel connected to my emotional self - the self that I so often try to hide from others. Thank you for sharing your art with us. 🙏🏼


I love your art so much… It’s just full of love and beauty and depth and layers of experiences....You're my favorite artist!


Beautiful and exciting. Like a ballet!


Ah! Like sailing through galaxies!


So much power and poetry. It's exciting to feel as I look at your art!


Freedom to let my imagination explore...


Deep peace, beauty, wholeness, tenderness, spiritual strength... 


Strength and power, vulnerability, closeness, depth, clarity and darkness - a real Karin painting.


A truly poetic stilleben with lovely depth and beautiful complementary colors. The background vibrates as a contrast to the lemon, which is perfectly ripe.

Vibeke Lind, musician and teacher

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Witches, angels, and faires

Feminine archetypes and powerful women from around the world to inspire and guide your journey.

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Trees, flowers, and oceans

Paintings of nature to reconnect you to the earth. Created in nature and with natural materials.

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Soul, Psyche, and Dreams

Images from dreams, rituals and deep inner journeys through darkness toward your light.


The Art of Self-Healing Cards

These beautifully designed cards teach you to heal yourself through your natural creativity in your everyday life.

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