The Art of Self-Healing Cards
The Art of Self-Healing Cards
The Art of Self-Healing Cards
The Art of Self-Healing Cards
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The Art of Self-Healing Cards

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32 Art Cards & Guidebook

 - Artwork and writing by Karin von Daler.

If you feel stranded, broken, or worn out, you may have forgotten your natural creativity, your soul’s own song. Come dance around the creative fire with angels, witches, and philosophers. Swim through turquoise creeks, sing under the moon, and recite mystical words with a poet princess.


The Art of Self-Healing Cards will show you how to connect to yourself and find the gold in your body, mind, and soul. In just a few minutes, their warmth and wisdom will inspire your creative flow so you can find your own answers and give yourself the loving healing you long for in everyday life.

Creativity connects you to your soul and forms new patterns in your brain. These cards combine expressive arts with shamanism, science with spirituality, and psychology with philosophy as they take you on a kaleidoscopic journey home to yourself.

Includes 32 art oracle cards and a 172-page guidebook with instructions, card meanings, and prompts to inspire and liberate your creativity.



"Karin von Daler has created a beautifully crafted, magical, one-of-a-kind deck that is filled with wisdom and love. I recommend these inspiring cards for all sensitive souls on a journey of healing and empowerment."

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author of "Calling in The One”

"This is a wonderful deck of cards...which combines powerful art, deep wisdom, and soul-filled stories. Each card takes you on a journey into the core of your own heart and soul and offers a powerful opportunity for growth and healing. These cards make a wonderful gift to yourself or someone else who will enjoy an ongoing journey of growth and transformation, masterfully guided with creativity and art."

~ Devaa Haley Mitchell, Co-Founder, Shift Network

"With its illuminating paintings and writings accompanying each card, Karin's deck inspires readers to reflect on and work with deep feelings and issues in daily life. Wisdom, true stories, historical and mythical references, alchemical elements, inspiring quotes, and guided prompts for creative exploration and self-healing come together to enrich your daily exploration through timeless wisdom ways."

~ Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst and Dance/Movement Therapist 

“These cards are near and dear to my heart for so many reasons! When I was working on the guidebook, I felt that I was editing a true literary masterpiece. I love how Karin interweaves the many aspects of her work—her beautiful art and poetry, her profound soul wisdom and her professional expertise, all mixed with a good dose of subtle humor to bring a sense of lightheartedness to your healing journey and the challenges of everyday life.”  

~ Anna Frolik, founder and CEO of Wonderland Publishing

"These cards are GORGEOUS!! Full of healing energy, psychological depth, inspiration, and beauty. If you long for healing and to reconnect with your own wisdom, I encourage you to get the cards!”

~ Rosy Aronson, author and artist of The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck, spiritual guide, and teacher

 “The cards were a Christmas present for my inner young self. They are so beautiful - gorgeous, exquisite artwork. I got chills when I saw the top card was “Body” because I had just committed to acknowledging and honoring this “sacred clump of cells” in which I live. So, I’m coming home to my body. It’s very inspiring. Several of your cards made me want to pick up a paintbrush again. They affect me much like The Artist’s Way does. It is such a deep dive; most therapeutic and has its own energy field.”

~ Karen Hartman, certified Mneme Therapist through Art Without Boundaries

"These are really wonderful cards. I’m so impressed. I love how simple and gentle the stories are! 😊"

~ Lise Brenner, dancer, choreographer, and writer 


Deck Features

The Art of Self-Healing Cards Include

88 x 126 mm oracle cards, high-quality 350 gsm card stock with a glossy finish

172-page guidebook with instructions, in-depth card descriptions, and creative prompts for your daily practice

Sturdy two-piece book to protect your cards and guidebook.

Printed on recycled paper

Artwork and writing by Karin von Daler

ISBN: 978-1-7776575-2-9

Published by Wonderland Publishing


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Danish Version

The Art of Self-Healing Cards are also available in Danish. Find the original Danish deck here: HEL-kortene


Ordering from within the EU?

Click here & I will send the deck to you from my address in Denmark to avoid unnecessary fees and taxes for you. Click on the link and go to "title" and choose the menu option "The Art of Self-Healing Cards EU."


How the cards came to be - an interview